Say What?! HindmanSanchez Success Stories

  • Keystone Neighborhood Company

    I have been selling and managing properties for over 20 years including large master planned communities in Colorado and Florida and I thought I was pretty current with the legal and governance aspects.  While I thought the education requirements were relevant, I found the study aids were lacking.  Your class made all the difference.  Without your CAM licensing test prep, I don’t think I would have passed the test.

    Mark Mathews, Executive Director, Keystone Neighborhood Company

  • Hammersmith Management, Inc.

    “As Leaders in Community Management, Hammersmith Management recognizes the value of delivering results on behalf of the clients we serve. This outlook is shared by the exceptional team at HindmanSanchez. Our work with Community Associations has partnered us with the HindmanSanchez team on numerous occasions, and without exception, their staff has helped our clients by providing tailored advice that assists them in making informed and sound decisions. Teamwork is a key element to success, and their ability to seamlessly work with our Training department, Community Managers, Directors of Community Services, and Accounting staff on both Board member and Community Manager educational initiatives has been of great benefit to us. Their wealth of knowledge, experience and multidisciplinary approach has helped us identify and use innovative solutions to the challenges faced by Community Associations. Simply put, the team at HindmanSanchez has a depth of expertise, range of services and a commitment to building strong and long-term relationships that have proven to be invaluable to us and the clients we serve.”

    – Ann Williams, President Hammersmith Management, Inc., AAMC

  • Collection of Assessments Can Get Complicated

    james2When a Denver condominium community sued for unpaid assessments, it was met with a counterclaim by the owner for damage to her unit as a result of a fire. Things got more complicated because the association’s governing documents and insurance coverage were not consistent. As a result of HindmanSanchez’ tenacious arguments and preparation, the association recovered the full amount of unpaid assessments and did not have to pay out any additional money to the owner. James Phifer, President of ACCU, Inc., and the manager for the association says “HindmanSanchez’ ability to support the association’s position, yet handle the delicacy of the situation with white gloves to end an aggressive situation with a favorable result is what I’ve come to respect about their firm.”

  • Testimonial from Todd Fackler, CEO, MSI.

    “Hindman Sanchez has been the leader in innovation, education and leadership in the Colorado HOA marketplace for decades.  MSI relies on their experience and expertise to effectively interpret statutes, policies and governing documents that help direct the actions of Board Members we have engaged and are entrusted to manage.”


    – Todd Fackler, CEO, MSI

  • Tiffany Homeowners Association

    I have to say that I am, again, thankful to have HindmanSanchez as Tiffany’s attorneys.  Your answer was clear, complete and to the point.  Thank you so much for your help.  I am sure I will be in touch again with another legal issue.

    Thank you again.  You guys are really wonderful!

    – Roberta Allen, President, Tiffany Homeowners Association

  • Ashley Prothe - Vintage Corporation

    HIndmanSanchez has been an incredibly beneficial tool for my HOA boards, homeowners and managers. Many of my boards have retained their services for habitual outstanding delinquency issues and HindmanSanchez has been able to get the accounts handled with great resolve. I currently have several boards completing policies, amending covenants, or updating outdated governing documents and all of HindmanSanchez’s staff have been quick, professional and effective through the process. HindmanSanchez truly goes above and beyond to make all of my associations, whether they are 7 units or 400 homes, feel special and valued as a client.

    Ashley Prothe, Managing Agent/Broker Associate, Vintage Corporation

  • Property Technica, Inc.

    We manage several community associations and whenever a legal question comes up or resolutions or other legal forms need drawn up, HindmanSanchez is the go-to firm for us.  Their knowledge of community association law is beyond compare.  They respond rapidly to our needs and handle them in a legal, common sense manner.  I would recommend them to anyone needing community association legal assistance and advice.

    Steve Reed, President and General Manager, Property Technica, Inc.

  • Last Night was Wonderful!

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences and guidance with our attendees.  We received great feedback from our Board Members.

    Leslie Johnson, Manager of Community Engagement, Hammersmith Management, Inc.

    Comment following a Board Member Q & A event sponsored by Hammersmith and featuring Loura Sanchez as one of the panelists.