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HOA Resource Center

Most Recent Items

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Standard of Care for Board Members

In this video, Attorney Melissa Garcia talks about the Standard of Care for Board Members. Read More...
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Directors and Officers Insurance

Attorney David Firmin talks briefly about the importance of insurance for Directors and Officers of a Homeowner's Association. Read More...
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How Does an Association Adopt a Budget?

How Does an Association Adopt a Budget?  In this video, David Firmin explains how a Community Association Adopts a Budget.  There are many things to take into consideration.  Understanding your By-Laws is most important.  Read More...
Topics: Video
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Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy … it’s the “four-letter word” that nobody wants to hear.  There are two types of bankruptcies that most individuals file.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy (also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy) will, upon completion, discharge the owner’s debt as of the date of filing.  A Chap Read More...
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Understanding Your Association's Governing Documents

Each association has its own set of documents which governs the relationship between owners and the association. This brief video will help you define and understand the role of these governing documents in your association.     Read More...
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The Who, What, When and How of the Architectural Review Process

  Whether ARC submissions are reviewed by the board, ARC committee or manager, this class will provide you with tools to use when receiving, reviewing and responding to ARC submissions.  In this session, we will discuss how to set up architectural criteria for reviewing applications and creating Read More...
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Collections in a Nutshell - Part 1

There’s no escaping it!  Delinquencies are everywhere!  As delinquencies seem to increase, associations are becoming more and more frustrated with the state of their collections accounts.  It is precisely for this reason that boards should become familiar with the collections process and what Read More...
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Board Member Boundaries and Obligations - Part 2

As a board member, you have a slew of duties and obligations to carry out. Some of these duties and obligations are contained in the governing documents of the association; some are contained in statute. Regardless of where these duties and obligations originate, they must be followed and observed t Read More...
Topics: Governance, Video