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FHFA Moves Threatens Community Associations

In a release earlier today CAI alerted our industry to the Federal Housing Finance Authority’s position expressing concern about state statutes, such as our super lien statute, that allow community associations to obtain lien priority over first mortgages for unpaid association assessments. read c Read More...
Topics: Statutes, Federal
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New Affirmation of Legal Work Status Form Required as of October 1st

If you have hired a new employee this month or intend to do so make sure you complete the new "Affirmation of Legal Work Status" form within 20 calendar days of hire. Read complete Blog post.   Read More...
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Meeting Notices – What Do We Really Have to Provide?

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) is the statute common interest communities in the state of Colorado.  One of the topics addressed by CCIOA is meetings, which are required to be open to attendance by its members or their designated agents. This requirement has led to questio Read More...
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Special Meetings of Owners—Must They Be Called Just Because an Owner Asks?

In this day and age, it seems boards are receiving more and more requests from owners for special.  Whether these requests are for the purpose of removing directors, voting in new directors, or just to discuss a particular issue, owners are not shy about making such demands.  Many associations, wh Read More...
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Discussing Delinquencies in Open Meetings

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) requires board meetings be open to attendance by owners in the community unless the board goes into executive session.  All owners are therefore allowed to attend any portion of board meetings except when they are excluded from a properly cal Read More...
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Owners’ Access to Records

Most HOA boards have had at least one homeowner request access to and copies of association records.  Many boards have also had requests from many different homeowners, or received many requests from a single homeowner where the requests seem to be invading the privacy of other owners if produced. Read More...
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Directors’ Standards of Conduct—They Do Exist!!

In the HOA industry, we frequently hear certain words tossed around when it comes to board duties.  We hear words such as “fiduciary”, “duty”, and “obligations”.  But rarely does anyone actually reference a specific statute or specific language in a statute addressing board duties. The Read More...
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Revised Statute Concerning Association Records

C.R.S. §38-33.3-317 (“317”) is the all important section of CCIOA which dictates what records the Association is required to maintain and how the membership may request and obtain access to those records.  As you have most likely become relatively familiar with the intricacies of 317, you have Read More...
Topics: Statutes
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SB 100 & SB 89’s Requirements ‘At A Glance’

Restrictions on Declarations, Covenants, and Bylaws An association may not enforce a restrictive covenant that restricts or limits xeriscaping or requires the primary use of turf grass.  [37-60-126(11)(a)] An association may not bring enforcement actions against owners who allow their grass to die Read More...
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Senate Bill 100 & 89: What They Say and How to Comply

Senate Bill 100 & 89: What They Say and How to Comply Read More...