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Effective Use of Committees

Service as a board member in a community association can be time-consuming and exhausting. Many board members shoulder burdens for informational review and factual investigation which prevent them from overall policy development, governance, and fiscal and operational management. When properly struc Read More...
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Proxies: the Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

In Colorado, use of proxies by owners must be permitted by associations unless the bylaws of the community prohibit their use.  Because very few sets of bylaws prohibit proxies, most associations in Colorado must allow owners to attend meetings and submit their vote via proxy.  But is the use of Read More...
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Walk this Way

If you are following our ProjectRUN blog, you already know that our firm promotes an active, healthy lifestyle.  We have several members of our firm that use standing desks, some who grow their own organic vegetables, and others that enjoy being outside at every opportunity.   Read our full blog Read More...
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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Making Sure Your Meeting Notices are Properly Done

Your association has an important and controversial issue to decide at its annual meeting.  As a manager or board member, the last thing you want is to go through the effort of calling the meeting, gathering proxies, and holding the vote, only to have the decision challenged on some notice technica Read More...
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Should Delinquent Owners be Allowed to Vote?

Does your community have an upcoming homeowner meeting that includes voting on issues such as director elections, special assessments, or document amendments?  Assuming your community also has owners that are delinquent in the payment of assessments, do you allow such owners to participate in the v Read More...
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Proxies in a Nutshell

The term “proxy” is a standard term in the HOA industry used by board members, owners, and managers alike, but there is rarely discussion concerning the legal requirements for proxies and how they should be utilized.  The purpose of this article is to focus on these rarely-discussed issues and Read More...
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What’s Executive Session and When Can We Use It?

An executive session or “closed door session” is a portion of a board meeting that is not open to attendance by the homeowners.  Although the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) generally requires board meetings to be open to attendance by homeowners, Section 308 of CCIOA sets Read More...
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Running Effective Meetings with Disruptive Owners

One of the most challenging situations that may confront your board during a meeting is handling very disruptive audience members.  For example, what if an owner with strong opinions who’s known for being very outspoken, starts yelling during the meeting?  Fortunately, this kind of disruption is Read More...
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Just a “Minute”!!

The phrase “in a New York minute” is supposed to mean in an instant. Or, as Johnny Carson once said, it’s that split-second interval between a Manhattan traffic light turning green and the guy behind you honking his horn.  On the other hand, if I holler “I’ll just be a minute” while scr Read More...
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5 Tips for a Successful Annual Meeting

This video provides you with 5 tips to make your community association annual meetings run smoothly.  What should the board do to make this happen? Read More...