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Owners’ Rights at Board Meetings—Do They Even Exist?

There has consistently been much confusion in the industry as to owners’ rights when it comes to board meetings.  Specifically, many boards tend to get confused when it comes to owners’ rights of attendance and participation during board meetings.  After all, these meetings are how association Read More...
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Meeting Notices – What Do We Really Have to Provide?

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) is the statute governing common interest communities in the state of Colorado.  One of the topics addressed by CCIOA is meetings, which are required to be open to attendance by its members or their designated agents. This requirement has led Read More...
Topics: Meetings
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Standard of Care for Board Members

In this video, Attorney Melissa Garcia talks about the Standard of Care for Board Members. Read More...
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Proposed Legislation Requires Mandatory Service on the Board

Just kidding. Playing through the scenario, though, what if being “elected” to the board was like being called for jury duty? Homeowners’ names are fed into a machine. Then every couple of years, a button gets pushed, a ticket pops out, and bam: YOUR name is on it. Time to serve. (Unless you Read More...
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Pssst….. Education is the Secret

I just read an article out of Florida about board member education.  While we do not have mandatory board member education, CCIOA does encourage board members to obtain education and the expenses of that education can and should be covered by the association.  Serving on a board is a big responsib Read More...
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HB 12-1237 changed the face of association document inspections so much that many, if not all, associations were forced to rewrite their document inspection policies.  But now, HB 14-1125 has been passed to minimize some of the fallout from HB 12-1237. To learn how associations can properly disclos Read More...
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Special Meetings of Owners—Must They Be Called Just Because an Owner Asks?

In this day and age, it seems boards are receiving more and more requests from owners for special.  Whether these requests are for the purpose of removing directors, voting in new directors, or just to discuss a particular issue, owners are not shy about making such demands.  Many associations, wh Read More...
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The Do’s and Don’ts to Running a Successful Meeting

Running an association meeting can be stressful, especially if you know a hotly contested issue or election will be on the agenda.  Regardless of what type of meeting you anticipate, here are some tips for running a successful meeting:DO know what kind of meeting you are having.  While this may so Read More...
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Minutes and Agendas — What’s Required? What’s Recommended?

Attorneys representing homeowner associations are often asked about the requirements and procedures for taking meeting minutes and preparing agendas.   This is especially true for self-managed associations with volunteer boards who may have less experience organizing and conducting meetings.  Thi Read More...
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Discussing Delinquencies in Open Meetings

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) requires board meetings be open to attendance by owners in the community unless the board goes into executive session.  All owners are therefore allowed to attend any portion of board meetings except when they are excluded from a properly cal Read More...