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The Ever-Increasing Deductible Dilemma, Part Two

The long-awaited sequel to Part One, this blog addresses the other deductible dilemma associations are facing.  The dreaded wind and hail deductible.  Read Complete Blog Post. Read More...
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It is becoming more and more common place.  A condominium association has a few claims on its insurance policy over the years and premiums start to rise.  In order to purchase affordable casualty insurance to cover the common elements and the portions of the units the association is obligated to i Read More...
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Insurance Carrier Required to Replace Undamaged Siding to Provide Color Match

Have you ever tried to get an insurance company to pay for siding replacement of hail-damaged siding?  Better yet, have you ever been “lucky” enough to try and convince an insurance carrier to pay for replacement of all siding on a building (even the siding not damaged by hail) so all the sidin Read More...
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Do You Know How to Properly Report Claims to Insurers?

When an association, director, management company or manager is sued, each named party has to make a decision (preferably in consultation with legal counsel) whether to report the claim to insurers for a possible paid defense.  In an effort to avoid negative claim history, and to decrease the chanc Read More...
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Directors and Officers Insurance

Attorney David Firmin talks briefly about the importance of insurance for Directors and Officers of a Homeowner's Association. Read More...
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Cold Weather Brings Cold Reality for Condos

All I’ve heard about this winter is Frozen.  No, not the movie, but the pipes. For condos (and to some extent townhomes), cold weather brings the cold reality of one familiar theme … frozen pipes, leading to water leaks, resulting in damage.  And, one of the most common disputes in a communit Read More...
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Pssst….. Education is the Secret

I just read an article out of Florida about board member education.  While we do not have mandatory board member education, CCIOA does encourage board members to obtain education and the expenses of that education can and should be covered by the association.  Serving on a board is a big responsib Read More...
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City of Arvada Publishes Draft of Comprehensive Plan

For the last 10 months the city of Arvada has been updating its existing Comprehensive Plan to guide future decisions relative to land use, transportation, economic development and other issues. To find out if these changes affect your association, read our complete blog post.  Read More...
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FHA certification and leasing has long been a thorn in condominium communities’ sides.  Therefore, it’s important to remember what types of leasing restrictions are acceptable for purposes of FHA certification and what types of restrictions are not acceptable. Read our complete blog post for mo Read More...
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Client Success

“When a Denver condominium community sued for unpaid assessments, it was met with a counterclaim by the owner for damage to her unit as a result of a fire.   Things got more complicated because the association’s governing documents and insurance coverage were not consistent.  As a result of H Read More...