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CCIOA Insurance Requirements

Insurance is a necessary component of proper community association governance and risk management. All community associations are vulnerable to the loss of property and finances.  Board members have a fiduciary duty to protect association assets.  The association's insurance program is a key compo Read More...
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Directors and Officers Insurance

Attorney David Firmin talks briefly about the importance of insurance for Directors and Officers of a Homeowner's Association. Read More...
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Pssst….. Education is the Secret

I just read an article out of Florida about board member education.  While we do not have mandatory board member education, CCIOA does encourage board members to obtain education and the expenses of that education can and should be covered by the association.  Serving on a board is a big responsib Read More...
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The Condo Conundrum

As we all know from our recent blogs as well as media stories in the past month new condominium projects in Colorado are at a pivotal point.  Economic development goals are pushing for more condominiums to be built, especially in urban, mass-transit focused areas.  Stable, vibrant condominium asso Read More...
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Lakewood City Council Approves Ordinance Related to Construction Defects

In a 7 to 4 vote early this morning, the Lakewood City Council approved an ordinance that will severely restrict homeowner association rights to sue developers for shoddy work.  The first ordinance of its type in Colorado, read complete Blog post. . Read More...
Topics: Liabilities
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HB 12-1237 changed the face of association document inspections so much that many, if not all, associations were forced to rewrite their document inspection policies.  But now, HB 14-1125 has been passed to minimize some of the fallout from HB 12-1237. To learn how associations can properly disclos Read More...
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Are Associations Guarantors of Owners’ Quiet Enjoyment??

Although smoking is generally on a decline, the problems associated with smoking in condominium communities (and sometimes in attached townhome communities) continues to rear its ugly head with the “right to smoke v. the right to breath clean air” debate getting uglier and uglier. To learn more Read More...
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So You Want To Be In Movies, Huh?

With reality TV continuing to serve up “must-see” programs and cable networks expanding daily, many owners and associations may consider having filming in their community. Read the complete blog post.    Read More...
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2014 – The Year of the Drone

You may think that drones are only used by the federal government but think again.  Drones are defined as any unmanned aerial vehicle, and privately operated drones are becoming more common and are readily available on the market for a small price ($49-499). To learn more about drones, read our blo Read More...
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Concealed Carry Permits and the Community Association – Is there cause for concern?

Recently, Illinois became the final state to adopt conceal carry laws to authorize gun owners to obtain a permit to carry their firearm on their person.  This new legislation has again sparked the debate relating to gun control in relation to community associations and the extent to which associati Read More...