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Concealed Carry Permits and the Community Association – Is there cause for concern?

Recently, Illinois became the final state to adopt conceal carry laws to authorize gun owners to obtain a permit to carry their firearm on their person.  This new legislation has again sparked the debate relating to gun control in relation to community associations and the extent to which associati Read More...
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Should Associations Ban Google Glass in Common Areas?

Just when you were getting used to your iPhones, it is time to get ready for the next wave.  Smart phones may soon be replaced with smart glasses.  Google Glass allows the user to view images called up in the glass through voice activation or by touching the rims of the glasses. Read the complete Read More...
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Owners’ Access to Records

Most HOA boards have had at least one homeowner request access to and copies of association records.  Many boards have also had requests from many different homeowners, or received many requests from a single homeowner where the requests seem to be invading the privacy of other owners if produced. Read More...
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Keeping Your Directors Safe & Innocent – Best Practices

A board position in your homeowner’s association affords owners the ability to provide a great service to their neighbors and community. However, such service comes with certain responsibilities that are often overlooked. This includes protecting the association from unintended liability. While no Read More...
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Utilizing Association Professionals: When to Seek Their Advice

Board members and managers serving community associations are confronted with a daunting list of obligations. These responsibilities include budgeting and financial issues; repair, maintenance and construction issues; legal interpretations, issues and disputes; planning, evaluation and policymaking; Read More...
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When It Comes To Sex Offenders, "Close" Just Doesn't Cut It!

A South Carolina homeowners association recently learned an expensive lesson when it comes to making representations that one of its owners is a registered sex offender—an $890,000 lesson! Read our full blog post. Read More...
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Medical Marijuana: Do We Have To Allow It?

Eighteen states have now legalized the use of medical marijuana, and two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  This has raised myriad issues for community associations, including how to limit or prohibit the use of medical and/or recreational marijuana, Read More...
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Don’t Get Hung Out to Dry

Hopefully the rain has ceased pouring and the floods have stopped raging, so homeowners can begin the long and hard process of cleaning up.  Removing standing water, drying out furniture, getting rid of debris, cleaning and disinfecting are just some of the steps required in your post-flood checkli Read More...
Topics: Liabilities
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Social Media Postings-Here Today, Gone Never

By early May, 2013, Facebook had over 1.11 billion users and Twitter had over 550 million users. Social media is fast becoming the preferred method of communication among the masses, probably because of the enticing ability to post on-the-go. But do you stop and think before you post?  Read our ful Read More...
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FHA Condominium Certifications: The Requirements and Prohibitions

The Federal Housing Administration (“FHA”) is a government-owned insurance company that insures home loans for buyers who cannot afford a conventional down payment or prefer to use their available funds in other ways. In other words, a FHA backed loan allows a home buyer to purchase the home wi Read More...