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Concealed Carry Permits and the Community Association – Is there cause for concern?

Recently, Illinois became the final state to adopt conceal carry laws to authorize gun owners to obtain a permit to carry their firearm on their person.  This new legislation has again sparked the debate relating to gun control in relation to community associations and the extent to which associati Read More...
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I took the opportunity to attend the regularly scheduled HOA Information Resource Officers education session on Wednesday. I was impressed with the amount of information being distributed by the HOA Office. The HOA Office provides a vast amount of information through their web site, as well as thro Read More...
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Electric Vehicle Grant Bill Headed to Governor

In an effort to follow up on the Legislatures’ commitment to electric vehicles, the Legislature sent SB 14-028 to the Governor for signature.  SB 14-028 is a bill that expands the eligibility of certain entities to receive grant funds to offset (or in some cases pay for) the costs of installation Read More...
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Legislative Session Continues On (But maybe not for much longer on HOA Stuff)

At the beginning of the legislative session, it was widely rumored that the session would be relatively calm for HOA related bills.  This has, at least to date, remained true with only five related bills being introduced. To learn about the five bills this legislative session, read the complete b Read More...
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HB 14-1254 Transfer Fee Bill Moves to Senate

The Colorado Transfer fee bill has passed out of the House of Representatives and moved to the Senate un-amended.  As drafted, HB 14-1254 mandates that a manager and any management company disclose to the executive board of each HOA for which it provides or offers to provide services, during contra Read More...
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Fee Disclosure Bill Introduced

The long awaited bill relating to fees charged by managers was introduced today in the Form of HB 14-1254 by Representative Labuda.  It is co-sponsored by Senator Balmer in the Senate.  While this bill was much anticipated, as introduced, the bill does not cap or place restrictions on transfer fee Read More...
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US Senate Approves Delay in Flood Insurance Rate Hikes

Last Thursday, the Senate approved S.1926, the “Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014” by a vote of 67-32.   This will delay dramatic increases in federal flood insurance premiums until 2017.  Read our full blog. Read More...
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SECOND CCIOA BILL INTRODUCED – Revoking the Lien Rights of Small and Limited Expense Communities

In what has been a slow start to the HOA legislative season, a second bill was introduced in the Senate yesterday.  SB 14-140, as drafted, proposes revoking the lien rights of Small or Limited Expense planned communities unless these communities amend the declaration and “opt in” to all of the Read More...
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Strong Opposition to Legislative Initiative

In writing the recent blogs relating to transfer fees, the rumored bill raised many different arguments to the surface for and against transfer fees.  Read our full blog post. Read More...
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What’s in a Transfer Fee-That is the Question?

Last week it was reported that Rep. Jeanne Labuda indicated that she would be introducing legislation taking aim on management company transfer fees.  This sparked tremendous debate on both sides of the issue and the value of a transfer fee.  Read our full blog post. Read More...