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Representative Kit Roupe (R-Colorado Springs) introduced HB 15-1113 has introduced the first truly HOA friendly bill of the session.  The bill establishes financial protection for homeowners associations from protracted foreclosure matters.  Currently, the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act pr Read More...
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First Bill Introduced Regarding Managers

As we anticipated a bill attempting to clean up manager licensing was introduced into the House.  HB 15-1040 was introduced by Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction) to narrow the number of individuals that are required to be licensed as community association managers.  As initially introdu Read More...
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2015 Legislative Session Starts Today

  And they’re off… Today marks the first day of the legislative session for 2015.  With the very turbulent past few years, marked by strict party politics, grid lock, recalls and a change in the majority party in the state senate, which now has a republican majority by one vote, the session co Read More...
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The Condo Conundrum

As we all know from our recent blogs as well as media stories in the past month new condominium projects in Colorado are at a pivotal point.  Economic development goals are pushing for more condominiums to be built, especially in urban, mass-transit focused areas.  Stable, vibrant condominium asso Read More...
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Colorado Supreme Court Will Consider Community Association Case

The Colorado Supreme Court has accepted certiorari in the case of Pulte Home Corporation v. Countryside Community Association.  Opening briefs as well as a motion to allow an amicus (friend of the court) brief by the Home Builders Association have already been filed. Read Complete Blog Post. Read More...
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New Affirmation of Legal Work Status Form Required as of October 1st

If you have hired a new employee this month or intend to do so make sure you complete the new "Affirmation of Legal Work Status" form within 20 calendar days of hire. Read complete Blog post.   Read More...
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Construction Defects Dead in Lakewood?

The Lakewood City Council is set to hold public hearings on October 13 regarding a proposed city ordinance 0-2014-21 that will make it harder for community associations in Lakewood to sue for construction defects. Read Complete Bolg Post Read More...
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Inspection of Records Policy Supplement

Click here to view the supplement for the Inspection of Records Policy. Read More...
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HB 12-1237 changed the face of association document inspections so much that many, if not all, associations were forced to rewrite their document inspection policies.  But now, HB 14-1125 has been passed to minimize some of the fallout from HB 12-1237. To learn how associations can properly disclos Read More...
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Community Association Residents Don’t Want More Legislation

In an independent national survey of community association residents conducted early this year by Public Opinion Strategies on behalf of CAI, 80% of community association residents opposed additional regulation of community associations. I wonder if our Colorado legislators are aware of this number? Read More...
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