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Governing Documents and the Role of Each One

By:  Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. The primary “governing documents” of an association are the declaration, articles of incorporation, and bylaws.  When properly drafted, all three governing documents work together and have separate roles addressing different aspects of associations’ governances.  Read More...
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Look Out for Sneaky Provisions in your Declarations that Bite…

By: Debra J. Oppenheimer, Esq.Trying to keep communities looking good is one of the most important goals for homeowners associations; in fact, it is one of the main reasons people purchase homes in HOAs.  Unfortunately, enforcing governing documents is not an easy task and there are oftentimes prov Read More...
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Processes for Amending Your Governing Documents

By:  Melissa M. Garcia, Esq.Are your governing documents up to date?  Do they meet the current needs of the community? Are they in compliance with the many recent changes to Colorado law?  If the answer is no then it’s time to amend.  Each of the governing documents in question can be amended, Read More...
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Tips for Spotting Problematic Contracts

By: Heather L. Hartung, Esq.Associations enter into contracts on a regular basis for various items ranging from general landscaping to major projects such as roofing and fence replacement.  Most of the time, these contracts are written on behalf of the contractors and are standard pre-printed forms Read More...
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How To Get Out of a Contract

By:  Loura K. Sanchez, Esq.Asking an attorney how to get out of a contract you have signed is a bit like asking Houdini how he escapes chains and locks.  Well, not exactly.  Often, clients come to us shortly after entering into a contract or midway through a contract when things start to deterior Read More...
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Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy … it’s the “four-letter word” that nobody wants to hear.  There are two types of bankruptcies that most individuals file.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy (also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy) will, upon completion, discharge the owner’s debt as of the date of filing.  A Chap Read More...
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Understanding Your Association's Governing Documents

Each association has its own set of documents which governs the relationship between owners and the association. This brief video will help you define and understand the role of these governing documents in your association.     Read More...
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HB 12-1237 changed the face of association document inspections so much that many, if not all, associations were forced to rewrite their document inspection policies.  But now, HB 14-1125 has been passed to minimize some of the fallout from HB 12-1237. To learn how associations can properly disclos Read More...
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Are Associations Guarantors of Owners’ Quiet Enjoyment??

Although smoking is generally on a decline, the problems associated with smoking in condominium communities (and sometimes in attached townhome communities) continues to rear its ugly head with the “right to smoke v. the right to breath clean air” debate getting uglier and uglier. To learn more Read More...
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HindmanSanchez Proclamation

To learn about Loura Sanchez new proclamation, read our blog post.  Read More...