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Client Success

“When a Denver condominium community sued for unpaid assessments, it was met with a counterclaim by the owner for damage to her unit as a result of a fire.   Things got more complicated because the association’s governing documents and insurance coverage were not consistent.  As a result of H Read More...
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Directors’ Standards of Conduct—They Do Exist!!

In the HOA industry, we frequently hear certain words tossed around when it comes to board duties.  We hear words such as “fiduciary”, “duty”, and “obligations”.  But rarely does anyone actually reference a specific statute or specific language in a statute addressing board duties. The Read More...
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Effective Use of Committees

Service as a board member in a community association can be time-consuming and exhausting. Many board members shoulder burdens for informational review and factual investigation which prevent them from overall policy development, governance, and fiscal and operational management. When properly struc Read More...
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Owners’ Access to Records

Most HOA boards have had at least one homeowner request access to and copies of association records.  Many boards have also had requests from many different homeowners, or received many requests from a single homeowner where the requests seem to be invading the privacy of other owners if produced. Read More...
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“But Jimmy’s got one…”

Tired of hearing phrases like that each time you send a violation letter?  Tired of feeling like you are back in grade school?  Enforcement of covenants seems to bring out the same questions of fairness we had when we were all children.  We want to be treated fairly and we don’t want to be told Read More...
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Keeping Your Directors Safe & Innocent – Best Practices

A board position in your homeowner’s association affords owners the ability to provide a great service to their neighbors and community. However, such service comes with certain responsibilities that are often overlooked. This includes protecting the association from unintended liability. While no Read More...
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Utilizing Association Professionals: When to Seek Their Advice

Board members and managers serving community associations are confronted with a daunting list of obligations. These responsibilities include budgeting and financial issues; repair, maintenance and construction issues; legal interpretations, issues and disputes; planning, evaluation and policymaking; Read More...
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Technology May Connect, But Being Personal Will Last

Last week at the 2014 CAI Law Seminar , I had the pleasure of teaching with Jeffrey Kaman on the subject of maximizing technology for community associations. We discussed the benefits of technology, as well as the risks, proactive ways of addressing those risks and available protections.  Read our Read More...
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Buyers and Condominium Communities: Beware of the Transient Lease

Not only have condominium communities felt the heat of the FHA when it comes to leasing restrictions, but individual buyers of condominium units have also experienced their share of grief.  Read our full blog post. Read More...
Topics: Governance
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The Weedman Cometh to an Association Near You

January 1, 2014 has come and gone with initial reports estimating sales at over one million dollars in marijuana for the first day.  Commencing early in the morning, lines began to form and wrap around marijuana retail outlets.  Read our full blog post. Read More...