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Compilation, Audit or Review?

April 15 may have come and gone for this year, but the decision of whether an association should have a financial compilation, audit or review done is something that many associations overlook.  Read our full blog post. Read More...
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Is Your Association Falling Behind?

You’ve heard the saying “keeping up with the Joneses,” but have you heard the saying “keeping up with the HOAs?”  Read our full blog post. Read More...
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Time to Budget for Deferred Legal Maintenance

Now that accounts receivables are finally starting to shrink, many associations are working hard to stabilize their communities’ finances and planning to take care of long-deferred maintenance projects.  During this upcoming budget season, boards and managers will be making important decisions ab Read More...
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Dipping Into Reserves

The Problem - The Unbudgeted Expense: Everything seems to be growing except the coffers: boards are faced with mounting operational expenses and increased delinquencies, without the same matched growth in revenue.  And, unfortunately, not all expenses are planned - emergencies will come up. For exa Read More...
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Reserve Funds 101

There has been much ado about reserve studies, reserve funds and investment of reserves in the last few years, fueled largely by changes in Colorado law related to reserves.  It is no wonder board members and managers often have a lot of questions about what is required and what is prudent.  This Read More...
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I’m having an Out of Money Experience

Having difficulty staving off the rising tide of delinquencies?  And are the circumstances that have put your association in this position outside of your control?  You can’t control the economy or extinguish the existence of foreclosures and bankruptcies in your community, but you can control h Read More...
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Best Practices Report #4 Financial Operations (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

Financial OperationsIt is CAI's purpose to foster vibrant, responsive, competent community associations that promote harmony, a sense of community, and responsible leadership. Given that the fiscal health of the association has a direct impact on every member of the community, proper management of f Read More...
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Special Assessments, Reserve Funds, Reserve Studies, Oh My!

Hypothetical: Owner lives in a decades old association. Owner consistently pays assessments in a timely manner. Owner's association needs to make a major renovation to replace siding and repair wood structures, which will cost the association approximately two million dollars. The association does n Read More...
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Ways To Prevent Fraud

It is said that fraud takes motivation and opportunity.  If both are not present, fraud cannot occur.  It is hard to affect motivation, but managers and boards can control the opportunity.  In today’s economy with foreclosures, tight credit, and job layoffs, diligence in watching and guarding a Read More...
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Times Are Tough, Get Creative

The economic crisis facing our country today is undoubtedly impacting everyone.  Given the size of the crisis, countless individuals and companies nationwide, including homeowner associations, are forced to make very difficult decisions.  But there is a silver lining to a crisis like this.  It fo Read More...