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Potential Changes to Receivership Introduced with SB 181

Recently, SB181 was introduced in the Senate to provide some oversight for the receivership process in Colorado. Briefly, a receivership is the court ordered appointment of a rental manager for a property. The receiver (rental manager) is a disinterested person who manages the rental of the property Read More...
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Lone Tree City Council to Vote on Ordinance to Limit Association Rights

On February 17, the Lone Tree City Council will vote on an ordinance intended to encourage more condominium communities in Lone Tree.  The proposed ordinance removes an association’s right to a jury trial in a construction defect case and instead mandates arbitration. The proposed ordinance also Read More...
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Construction Defect Reform Bill Introduced

The long anticipated construction defect reform bill was introduced into the senate on February 10, 2015 as SB 15-177.  Sponsored by Senators Ulibarri and Scheffel in the Senate and co-sponsored by Representatives DelGrosso and Singer in the House of Representatives, the Bill has bi-partisan suppor Read More...
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Manager Clean Up Bill Killed In Committee

Yesterday, in a move that should not surprise anyone, HB 15-1040, the bill that was introduced to clean up the manager licensing bill, was killed in committee.   As originally introduced, the bill attempted to reduce or eliminate the requirements that the original bill put in place.  Introduced b Read More...
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DORA Approves CAI M100 Class

Yesterday DORA advised CAI that it had approved the CAI Colorado-specific M-100 class for the manager licensing educational prerequisite. This means that if you take and pass the CAI Colorado-specific M100 class, you will satisfy the educational prerequisite for manager licensing. Read Complete Blog Read More...
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Construction Defect Debate Continues

Even though the anticipated construction defect reform bill has not yet been introduced into the state legislature, the debate over the construction of multifamily housing units continues to take center stage.  Late last year, the City of Lakewood adopted a local ordinance similar to the constructi Read More...
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Representative Kit Roupe (R-Colorado Springs) introduced HB 15-1113 has introduced the first truly HOA friendly bill of the session.  The bill establishes financial protection for homeowners associations from protracted foreclosure matters.  Currently, the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act pr Read More...
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First Volley in Legislation Regarding Construction Defects

In a year in which we were expecting the introduction of legislation geared at construction defects, the first volley in this battle seems to have been fired in the form of SB 15-091.  Read complete Blog post. Read More...
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First Bill Introduced Regarding Managers

As we anticipated a bill attempting to clean up manager licensing was introduced into the House.  HB 15-1040 was introduced by Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction) to narrow the number of individuals that are required to be licensed as community association managers.  As initially introdu Read More...
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2015 Legislative Session Starts Today

  And they’re off… Today marks the first day of the legislative session for 2015.  With the very turbulent past few years, marked by strict party politics, grid lock, recalls and a change in the majority party in the state senate, which now has a republican majority by one vote, the session co Read More...