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The Do’s and Don’ts to Running a Successful Meeting

Running an association meeting can be stressful, especially if you know a hotly contested issue or election will be on the agenda.  Regardless of what type of meeting you anticipate, here are some tips for running a successful meeting:DO know what kind of meeting you are having.  While this may so Read More...
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Open Forums – How to Make Them Productive

If done the right way, a homeowner forum can achieve many goals.  It can capture community-wide interests and concerns.  It can give the owners a voice.   It’s great for generating opinions, feedback and new ideas.  It will increase the Board’s awareness of potential problems on the horizon Read More...
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Going Faster Isn't The Same As Being Faster

At the CAI Spring Showcase yesterday, Derek Daly, a former Formula One driver, spoke about how business continues to move faster and faster every year. 200 mph doesn't even qualify you for the Indy 500 any longer.  Going fast in community associations isn't the same as being fast. To be fast in tod Read More...
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Scorecard for Your Collection Policy

How effective is your association’s collection policy?  Does it contain all the tools you need in this challenging economy to collect the maximum amount of money your association is entitled to?  Are your actual billing and collection practices consistent with your collection policy? Will the po Read More...
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Roles of the Board Versus Management

We often times suggest that boards adopt a maintenance and insurance checklist that clarifies whether the association or an owner is responsible for maintaining and insuring various components within a community.   Read our full blog post. Read More...
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Top Provisions for Your Snow Removal Contracts

With our record breaking temperatures becoming a distant memory and winter conditions right around the corner, it’s time for association’s to review their snow removal contracts.  What should be included in these contracts?  Below is a checklist of some of the most common provisions all snow r Read More...
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Best Practices Report #1 Reserve Studies/Management (Published by Community Association Institute Research Foundation)

Community associations come in all sizes. They vary in age, amenities provided, and maintenance obligations. Careful planning for future repairs and replacements is not only in the best physical and fiscal interests of the community association, it is required by law in some states. Maintaining a re Read More...
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Scorecard for Your Conduct of Meetings Policy

How effective is your association’s conduct of meetings policy? As many owners in mountain communities don’t live in their units year round, boards of mountain communities rely on electronic communication to increase participation by non-resident board members as well as owners. But “boilerpla Read More...
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2011 CCIOA Budget Ratification Checklist

As 2011 nears, many boards and managers find themselves in the midst of budget season. If your community was created after July 1, 1992, it is subject to the budget process laid out in CCIOA. Although this process sets forth lots of requirements, it also creates latitude for associations whose docum Read More...
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Checklist for Feasibility of Foreclosure

This checklist can help associations evaluate using foreclosure as a collection tool. Read More...