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DORA Hearing Today

Today, DORA held a hearing on the proposed permanent rules for manager licensing. Testimony was given by over a dozen individuals. We should receive final rules within the next week. As always, we will keep you informed when they are released. During the hearing it was announced that the annual lic Read More...
Topics: Management
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HOA Liens For Sale

The list below will provide you access to a list of association assessment liens belonging to our clients on properties that are currently in public trustee foreclosure. The list, in PDF format is searchable by foreclosure sale date, county, public trustee sale number or property address.Not every l Read More...
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Loans vs Special Assessments

Attorney Trish K. Harris helps us understand how to determine when to get a loan or cause a special assessment. Read More...
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Potential Changes to Receivership Introduced with SB 181

Recently, SB181 was introduced in the Senate to provide some oversight for the receivership process in Colorado. Briefly, a receivership is the court ordered appointment of a rental manager for a property. The receiver (rental manager) is a disinterested person who manages the rental of the property Read More...
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Meeting Notices – What Do We Really Have to Provide?

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) is the statute governing common interest communities in the state of Colorado.  One of the topics addressed by CCIOA is meetings, which are required to be open to attendance by its members or their designated agents. This requirement has led Read More...
Topics: Meetings
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Owners’ Rights at Board Meetings—Do They Even Exist?

There has consistently been much confusion in the industry as to owners’ rights when it comes to board meetings.  Specifically, many boards tend to get confused when it comes to owners’ rights of attendance and participation during board meetings.  After all, these meetings are how association Read More...
Topics: Meetings
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Insurance Carrier Required to Replace Undamaged Siding to Provide Color Match

Have you ever tried to get an insurance company to pay for siding replacement of hail-damaged siding?  Better yet, have you ever been “lucky” enough to try and convince an insurance carrier to pay for replacement of all siding on a building (even the siding not damaged by hail) so all the sidin Read More...
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New Home Buyers in Lone Tree – Beware

On February 17, 2015, the Lone Tree City Council passed by a unanimous vote, an ordinance aimed at encouraging construction of condominium housing within the city limits.  The ordinance essentially strips the ability of any association to seek redress from a building for defective construction, thu Read More...
Topics: State
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Do You Know How to Properly Report Claims to Insurers?

When an association, director, management company or manager is sued, each named party has to make a decision (preferably in consultation with legal counsel) whether to report the claim to insurers for a possible paid defense.  In an effort to avoid negative claim history, and to decrease the chanc Read More...
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Construction Defect Reform Bill Introduced

The long anticipated construction defect reform bill was introduced into the senate on February 10, 2015 as SB 15-177.  Sponsored by Senators Ulibarri and Scheffel in the Senate and co-sponsored by Representatives DelGrosso and Singer in the House of Representatives, the Bill has bi-partisan suppor Read More...