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Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014

I always wanted a CB radio when I was growing up so that I could have a “handle” and be cool like Smokey and the Bandit.  But, times do change, and instead of hawking out “breaker, breaker”, Read the complete Blog post ... Read More...
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I Hear the Cans A Comin' They're Coming Round the Bend!

We, at HindmanSanchez, are so very proud to announce this year’s 5th Annual Community Can-Can!  Come join us on Friday, September 12th, for an afternoon of food, fun, and frivolity as we gather together for a CANtastic competition!Uttering the phrase “Community Can-Can” always sparks somethin Read More...
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CCIOA Budget Process

The Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) provides a step-by-step process for budget ratification for communities created after July 1, 1992.  Associations created before July 1, 1992, and those that are otherwise exempt from CCIOA, are not required to follow the CCIOA budget ratific Read More...
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What Documents Should be Kept for Successful Collections?

To make a collection case successful, it is important the association be able to document the origin of the debt. If an association cannot show where some or all of the debt comes from, the likelihood of recovery becomes very slim.  This article will address the documents that are essential for a s Read More...
Topics: Collections
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Owners' Access to Financial Records: What and How Much Do We Provide

Suppose an owner in your association has requested access (inspection and/or copying) to certain financial records of the association.  What are the obligations of the board to provide this information?  Can it withhold any information?  Can you charge for access?  The answers are provided for i Read More...
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Safeguarding Your Money: Tips for Protecting Your Association's Funds

Luckily, it doesn’t happen often, but we have all heard horror stories about dishonest managers or board members absconding with association money, funded through assessments paid by owners in the community.  It is always a devastating situation and it leaves board members asking if there were st Read More...
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Board Members' Rights and Duties Concerning Association Funds

Board members owe several overarching fiduciary duties: the duty of reasonable care and attention, the duty of loyalty to faithfully pursue the community’s interests, and the duty of obedience to follow the association’s governing documents and policies.    To fulfill these duties, a community Read More...
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Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcy … it’s the “four-letter word” that nobody wants to hear.  There are two types of bankruptcies that most individuals file.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy (also known as a “liquidation” bankruptcy) will, upon completion, discharge the owner’s debt as of the date of filing.  A Chap Read More...
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Understanding Your Association's Governing Documents

Each association has its own set of documents which governs the relationship between owners and the association. This brief video will help you define and understand the role of these governing documents in your association.     Read More...
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Inspection of Records Policy Supplement

Click here to view the supplement for the Inspection of Records Policy. Read More...