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Association Records – What the Heck are They Anyway?

Date Posted: Monday, June, 8th, 2015

Historically, confusion existed as to which association records and documents homeowners in a community association were entitled to access and copy.  However, changes in the law in recent years have clarified the rights and obligations of both homeowners and associations in this regard.  This article discusses associations’ corporate records and homeowners’ rights and obligations under… [Read More]

Tips on Owner to Owner Disputes

Date Posted: Monday, April, 13th, 2015

Open Forums – How to Make Them Productive

Date Posted: Wednesday, April, 30th, 2014

If done the right way, a homeowner forum can achieve many goals.  It can capture community-wide interests and concerns.  It can give the owners a voice.   It’s great for generating opinions, feedback and new ideas.  It will increase the Board’s awareness of potential problems on the horizon. And, hopefully, it will engage and foster future… [Read More]

The Do’s and Don’ts to Running a Successful Meeting

Date Posted: Wednesday, April, 30th, 2014

Running an association meeting can be stressful, especially if you know a hotly contested issue or election will be on the agenda.  Regardless of what type of meeting you anticipate, here are some tips for running a successful meeting: DO know what kind of meeting you are having.  While this may sound basic, it is… [Read More]

As the move to legalize marijuana grows wide spread, including the move to permit recreational uses, the tension between private property rights, including apartment owners and members of common interest communities is being tested. We will look at the difference between regulation of use and cultivation with a unit, the common areas and private property…. [Read More]


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