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Did You Just Call Me The F-Word?

Date Posted: Tuesday, September, 27th, 2016

By:  Melissa M. Garcia, Esq. What Does it Mean to be a Fiduciary? In simplest terms, to be a fiduciary to another person or party is to be in a position of trust. For example, a patient trusts her doctor to make the correct diagnosis.  A parishioner trusts his priest to keep his confessions confidential. … [Read More]

Examples of What NOT to Do When Drafting Rules

Date Posted: Tuesday, May, 31st, 2016

By:  Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Although many may not realize this, but drafting rules is a form of art.  It’s an art in the sense that you have to know when it’s too much, when it’s too little, when it needs clarification, and when it conflicts with the law.  For this reason, it is always… [Read More]

Document Amendments: When Should Documents be Amended

Date Posted: Thursday, April, 28th, 2016

The Court Petition – Why it is not always a slam dunk

Date Posted: Sunday, January, 3rd, 2016

Amending an association’s governing documents is never an easy task.  The Colorado legislature recognized this in 1992 when it capped the maximum approval requirement to 67% of the entire community.  Even with this reduction in the approval requirement, amending a declaration was problematic due to owner apathy, lack of building a consensus of the owners,… [Read More]

Rule Clean up: Why Should You Do it and How Often?

Date Posted: Monday, June, 8th, 2015

Most communities have “rules” that take on many different forms and names.  For example, some communities have design guidelines, while others have rules and regulations.  Still other associations use resolutions and policies as their “rules”.  Regardless of what associations call their “rules”, these rules typically work in conjunction with their declarations to clarify terms, covenants,… [Read More]


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