Our Team

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Adam Blea

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Phone: 303.991.2042

Adriane Traver

Phone: 303.991.2080

Andrea Wemple

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2060

Ashley R. Hill

Business Development Coordinator
Phone: 303-991-2076

Betty Korsbon

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2304

Brandi Rozales

Collection Clerk
Phone: 303.991.2082

Broc Atkinson

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2086

Carole Zarrella

Phone: 303.991.2084

Dawn Martini

Accounting Clerk
Phone: 303.991.2062

Debbie Wylie

Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 303.991.2098

Donna Finney

IT Specialist
Phone: 303.991.2090

Elizabeth Mueller

Phone: 303.991.2054

Jacob Groveau

Phone: 303.991.2008

Janae Lujan

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2088

Jennifer Keenan

Phone: 303.991.2070

Kay Hays

Collection Clerk
Phone: 303.991.2052

Kris Pennington

Phone: 303.432.9999

Lacey Rigg

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2072

Laura Wilson

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2056

Lisa Aragon

Collections Specialist
Phone: 303.991.2058

Mary Shaw

Administrative Manager
Phone: 303.991.2016

Megan Niederhaus

Phone: 303.991.2046

Nicole Brill

Collection Clerk
Phone: 303.991.2064

Renae Jaramillo

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2048

Robbie Ruhaak

Phone: 303.991.2092

Stacie Dalpe

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2002

Tara Baer

Executive Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2096

Tom Walters

Collections Specialist
Phone: 303.991.2095

Tracy Oram

Director of Accounting
Phone: 303.991.2034

Whitney Ratzell

Legal Assistant
Phone: 303.991.2032