Absentee Landlords and Their Problem Tenants

Date Posted: Tuesday, August, 30th, 2016

By:  Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. In this day and age it is not unusual to hear association boards and owners complain about “renters” as a generic group.  In fact, renters seem to have a negative stigma associated with them based on a few bad apples.  But who is really at fault here: is it the… [Read More]

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Almost all homeowner associations in Colorado are either condominium communities or planned developments, with nothing in between (aside from a very small number of co-ops).  Many might find this  hard to believe given all the different types of communities we have labels for, such as townhomes, single family, patio homes,… [Read More]

A Gentle Shove Towards Transparency

Date Posted: Thursday, July, 28th, 2016

By: Melissa M. Garcia, Esq. What Does Transparent Mean? What is the definition of transparent? In its simplest form: see-through or clear.  In terms of a business or corporation: one that allows easy access to information and records. In terms of a government (although some may cry “Impossible!”): free from corruption, no hidden agenda, and… [Read More]

What Are Successful Associations Doing That Others Are Not?

Date Posted: Wednesday, June, 29th, 2016

By:  Loura K. Sanchez, Esq. The members of your association came together because they bought homes in the community. As board members and managers, you help keep it all together but to be successful everyone in a community must work together. As you can see from the list below, successful associations are doing things that… [Read More]

How To Make Sure Your Board Meetings Are Productive

Date Posted: Tuesday, June, 21st, 2016

By: David A. Closson, Esq. At one time or another, most board members have experienced (or suffered through) lengthy and unproductive board meetings.  Such meetings serve to deplete morale and leave board members wondering why they volunteered for such service.  On the other hand, productive meetings can serve to spur creativity, increase participation from both… [Read More]