FHA Certifications–Refresher Checklist

Date Posted: Friday, April, 28th, 2017

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. With all the various changes to FHA Guidelines over the last several years, condominium communities continue to struggle with FHA certification or recertification. Some communities are finding that although they were eligible for certification in prior years, when applying for recertification, they are now being rejected. So what’s changed? To… [Read More]

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Whether you call it marijuana, pot, cannabis, THC, or something entirely different, community associations in Colorado are feeling the wrath. In fact, many associations have already amended their governing documents prohibiting the growth and distribution of marijuana in their communities, and even more associations have adopted rules prohibiting use of… [Read More]

Easements, Licenses, and Transfers: What’s the Difference?

Date Posted: Wednesday, March, 29th, 2017

By: David A. Closson, Esq. Easements, licenses, and transfers—oh my! If your association finds itself in a situation where it needs to use the property of another, or allow the association’s property to be used by another, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the options and terminology. For example, the board is approached by… [Read More]

By Melissa M. Garcia, Esq. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attended an annual meeting or board meeting where the subject was money. More specifically, the association is in a bind and needs money now. And, while the board could consider a number of options such as annual assessment increases, special assessments, or… [Read More]

By:  Adam T. Brown, Esq. It is not uncommon for board members or managers of common interest communities to find themselves so focused on the current matters facing their communities that the bigger picture issues fall by the wayside. As most of our readers are keenly aware, the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) is… [Read More]