Annual Meetings -Taming the Beast

Date Posted: Monday, October, 3rd, 2016

By:  Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Annual meetings can be valuable community events or dreaded functions that strike fear and anxiety into the hearts of the board members as if they are about to fight an evil untamed beast.  Which type of annual meeting does your community have?   If your annual meetings are the latter type,… [Read More]

Did You Just Call Me The F-Word?

Date Posted: Tuesday, September, 27th, 2016

By:  Melissa M. Garcia, Esq. What Does it Mean to be a Fiduciary? In simplest terms, to be a fiduciary to another person or party is to be in a position of trust. For example, a patient trusts her doctor to make the correct diagnosis.  A parishioner trusts his priest to keep his confessions confidential. … [Read More]

Out of the Box Collection Ideas

Date Posted: Tuesday, August, 30th, 2016

By:  Loura K Sanchez, Esq. If you’ve ever been to a Mammoth game you know the chant….GET IN THE BOX!  Being in the penalty box is punishment during a Mammoth game for not following the rules but in your association you may need to get out of the box in order to collect unpaid assessments. … [Read More]

Absentee Landlords and Their Problem Tenants

Date Posted: Tuesday, August, 30th, 2016

By:  Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. In this day and age it is not unusual to hear association boards and owners complain about “renters” as a generic group.  In fact, renters seem to have a negative stigma associated with them based on a few bad apples.  But who is really at fault here: is it the… [Read More]

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Almost all homeowner associations in Colorado are either condominium communities or planned developments, with nothing in between (aside from a very small number of co-ops).  Many might find this  hard to believe given all the different types of communities we have labels for, such as townhomes, single family, patio homes,… [Read More]