Crucial Contract Provisions to Protect an Association

Date Posted: Monday, April, 2nd, 2018

By: Maris S. Davies, Esq. Associations enter into contracts on a regular basis. Contracts are used to procure landscape services, snow removal services, major roofing or repair services, and everything in between. The dollar amounts at issue may range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to millions, depending on the repair and/or improvement being done…. [Read More]

Apathy in Communities: Does Anyone Care?

Date Posted: Monday, April, 2nd, 2018

By: Elina B. Gilbert, Esq. Sometimes I hear board members complaining the owners in their communities are “too involved” and they have a hard time conducting association business due to the constant interruptions. I’ve even heard a board president once say that he wished the owners just didn’t care and let the board conduct its… [Read More]

HOA Liens For Sale

Date Posted: Monday, April, 2nd, 2018

The list below will provide you access to a list of association assessment liens belonging to our clients on properties that are currently in public trustee foreclosure. The list, in PDF format is searchable by foreclosure sale date, county, public trustee sale number or property address. Not every lien listed may be available for sale…. [Read More]

By: Marc D. Sarmiento, Esq. Having trouble garnering sufficient owner participation from your community association? Can’t get more than 5 owners to attend a meeting, much less meet a quorum to conduct association business? This is unfortunately very common for many associations, and it can pose a major obstacle when attempting to amend an association’s… [Read More]

How Certain is a Certificate of Insurance?

Date Posted: Thursday, March, 1st, 2018

By: William H. Short, Esq. Many associations require their contractors to present certificates of insurance as evidence that the hired company has insurance. The certificate often used, called an ACORD certificate and contains information including, but not limited to the following: basic policy details, such as policy numbers, descriptions, limits, deductible amounts, and identity of… [Read More]