For Mixed Use / Master Planned Communities

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General Counsel
The day-to-day operations of a community association can be complex and unpredictable.  For many residential condominium associations, the addition of commercial components like retail and office spaces, adds another layer of complexity to the governance and management of these mixed-use communities.  Given the unique structural and legal characteristics mixed-use communities, these associations face challenges and issues that other communities do not.  At HindmanSanchez, we understand the uniqueness of mixed-use communities and have a team of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys, paralegals and support staff who thoroughly understand the workings of these community associations.

Our job is to make your life easier by meeting your association’s needs by assisting in implementing creative and workable solutions.  Here are just some of the things our team does on a daily basis to ensure the management of your communities run more effectively:

  • Interpret governing documents
  • Answer day-to-day questions
  • Review and draft contracts
  • Amend governing documents
  • Ensure compliance with applicable federal laws, state and local statutes and ordinances
  • Identify maintenance and repair responsibilities
  • Review loan documents and assist with sources of financing for repairs, capital improvements and other projects
  • Provide legal counsel regarding board member fiduciary duties and safeguards to reduce your risk of liability
  • Guide communities through the pre and post transition process.

As “Your Community Association Partner,” we know your business and speak your language.

Debt Recovery
Timely collection of assessments is critical to the successful operation of each association.  We know that collecting delinquent assessments is a difficult job, that’s why we have the toughest attorneys in the industry.  With our long experience in association law, we understand the mind-set of delinquent homeowners and know that when it’s time to pay the bills, assessments are often low on the priority list.  Our goal at HindmanSanchez is to make assessment payments a priority and obtain quick, effective and measurable results while keeping you informed at all times.

When traditional collection methods fail, we become more creative in collecting what is due to your association.  We work with communities on other collection options including utilizing foreclosures and receiverships.

We have also developed a successful alternative to our Traditional Collection fee structure, our Risk-Share program.  Risk-Share gives you everything a collection agency and law firm combined could provide all under one roof and allows us to share the risk of uncollectible accounts with our clients.  If we can’t collect for you, we don’t get paid.

Document Amendments
Effective governing documents are the foundation for every community association.
Documents that are antiquated or no longer serve the needs of the community can cause major problems for any community.  Over the past 23 years, hundreds of associations have turned to the attorneys at HindmanSanchez for guidance and recommendations on how to obtain legally-sound documents that adequately protect and support their communities.

We offer a broad range of options to help associations evaluate their documents and determine whether amendments or revisions are necessary.  From start to finish, we’re able to guide you step-by-step through the amendment process.  By choosing our consent package, our attorneys will ensure we understand the goals and objectives of the community and will provide a comprehensive explanation of the approval requirements, form letters mailed to all owners and mortgagees, consent forms and proxies. If the association has trouble obtaining the required approvals, our attorneys can help gain approval through the court petition process.  Whether it’s our consent package or the court approval process, partnering with HindmanSanchez means you don’t have to go it alone.

Legal and Insurance Audits
At HindmanSanchez, we know that preventative measures can save the association time and money in the long run.  We also know that running an association requires not only a knowledge of business operations but also involves decision making.  We’re here to help with our Legal and Insurance Audit Programs.

Having a legal and/or insurance audit performed for your associations will alert you to potential problems and liabilities – giving the association an opportunity to correct problems before they become a full-blown crisis.  Our legal audit provides the association with a comprehensive review of all documents, contracts and policies related to the association and recommendations to ensure the association is properly protected.  During our insurance audit, we work closely with you, your insurance company and carrier to ensure that your policies adequately cover the association per your governing documents and will make recommendations on a more comprehensive insurance.  When you have HindmanSanchez as your partner, you can let us do the worrying about potential problems – so you don’t need to.

Contract Review
The day-to-day operations of community associations are reliant upon contracts ranging from vendor and construction to maintenance and insurance.  At HindmanSanchez, we believe the best way to protect the association is by making sure that all contracts adequately protect the association and that the board understands the contract provisions.

Our attorneys will review your association’s contracts and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the contract, highlighting any potential issues and providing recommendations on how to effectively safeguard the association.  In the event a dispute emerges, our team is prepared to help your association negotiate terms agreeable by both parties.  Our experienced team of attorneys have reviewed thousands of contracts, successfully protecting each association’s best interests.

Covenant Enforcement
Covenant enforcement is one of the most difficult aspects of managing a community association.
Covenants were designed to protect property values by keeping the community a desirable place to live.  In each community, there are all types of owners; the ones who don’t believe in leniency and the ones who think a friendly reminder encroaches on their freedom. At HindmanSanchez we help you find the right balance for your community.

If your association is experiencing covenant or rule enforcement issues, we can assist you with any and all of your covenant enforcement needs.  Whether it’s reviewing or drafting architectural guidelines, sending letters seeking compliance from violating homeowners, providing you with recommendations on voluntary compliance, or going to court, our team of experienced litigators have a winning track record.  We know where and how to draw the line on covenant enforcement and will work together with you to make sure your associations are doing the best they can when it comes to covenant enforcement.

Human Resource Services
Associations that have employees have much more to worry about today than ever before.  Associations as an employer are expected to know and comply with hundreds of federal, state and local human resources related laws.  At HindmanSanchez, our Human Resources division has the expertise to advise and assist your association in managing every aspect of human resource administration.

We understand the legal and managerial challenges associated with an association hiring employees, which can range from compliance with OSHA standards to enforcement of progressive disciplinary policies.  We also know the importance of using independent contractors and the need for workers’ compensation insurance and can assist with contract reviews, breach of contract issues and termination of contracts. Partner with HindmanSanchez for your human resource needs