No matter how much we talk about it, inspection of documents legalities are still confusing and a source of stress for many.  This session will boil this concept down to its basics and provide you with some tools to assist your communities when they receive those wild, off the wall , document inspection requests.  In (more…)

To register for this class or check availability, please call 303-991-2088 or email education@hindmansanchez.com. No doubt our economy is improving and associations are starting to experience a smaller number of delinquencies.  Unfortunately, no matter how good the economy gets, delinquencies still exist and must be addressed by associations.  Therefore, it is imperative for boards to become (more…)

As technology continues to evolve, communities see more and more drones flying in the air over parks, streets, and even privately owned lots.  To make things worse, many drones contain video and surveillance equipment, which leaves associations wondering whether the drones constitute an invasion of privacy and whether there is anything they can do to (more…)

It’s time to take a look at your governing documents and determine whether they need a face lift.  Most associations can point to specific problems they are having with their declarations, but they don’t know what to do about it.  This session will provide you with tools to determine whether your declaration needs to be (more…)