From the inception of HindmanSanchez, the firm has placed great importance and emphasis on education.  It has always been our philosophy that education in the community association industry is imperative to the success of associations, board members, and managers alike.  For this reason, from day one the firm dedicated many of its resources to education, and continues its commitment to education today by offering educational programs in a plethora of venues and formats.

The firm’s educational programs include lecture-style, interactive, and game show formatted classes presented in our in-office classroom and other locations as may be requested by boards and managers.   Our state-of-the art educational programs feature technologies such as PowerPoint, I-clickers, interactive game shows, and much more.    For those individuals who cannot make it to our office, we also offer internet based education such as Webinars.  No matter what your style of learning, there’s an educational program for you at HindmanSanchez!