Manager Licensure is Mostly Dead

Written by: on Thursday, April, 12th, 2018

HB 18-1175 The Sunset Community Association Managers Bill was assigned to the Senate Finance Committee where it failed on a 2-3 vote to get out of committee. The Senate Finance Committee voted on April 10, 2018 to postpone the bill indefinitely.

What does this mean for all the CAMs?

Generally, it means that without further action by the Legislature community association managers in Colorado will no longer be required to be licensed, and the licensure requirement will end upon the official winding up of the program in 2019.

Specifically, we understand DORA is still discussing and will be communicating soon on this topic. But keep in mind that the program doesn’t officially sunset for another year, so CAMs will still need to renew their license in 2018.

Also, who knows what will happen after the elections in 2018? Could the program be brought back to life? After all, it is only Mostly Dead which means, it is slightly alive. Stay tuned for more updates!