2013 Annual HOA Report

Written by: on Monday, February, 10th, 2014

Last week, the HOA Information and Resource Center released its Annual Report for 2013.  This report sets out in detail, the number of complaints received by the HOA Information and Resource Center, the types of complaints, and where these complaints are coming from.

This year’s report shows that the HOA Information and Resource Center received a total of 1,248 complaints.  This is up from 478 unique complaints in 2012.  However, the 1,248 complaints were only made by 327 different people.  So, while the number of complaints did go up, the people making the complaints only rose nominally. 

In looking at the breakdown of the complaints, the overwhelming number of complainants coming from the Denver Surrounding region (boarders being Arvada and Lakewood in the West, Aurora and Bennett in the East, Castle Rock in the South and Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster as the northern boundary) but excluding Denver.  This area being the largest population base accounted for 50% (126/327) of the complaints.  Denver proper had the second largest number of complainers comprising almost 20% of all complaints (64/327).

In past years, the largest number of complaints involved failure to produce records/transparency issues which made up almost 34% of all complaints.  This number led to the adoption of HB 1237 which clarified what constitutes a record of the Association.  This seems to have worked as the number of complaints relating to transparency and records has dropped to approximately 8% of the complaints.  The new report breaks down the areas of complaints as follows:

  • Communication with homeowners (175 complaints, 14%);
  • Not following the governing documents (168 complaints, 13%);
  • Improper or selective enforcement of covenants (154 complaints, 12%);
  • Not performing maintenance (140 complaints, 11.2%); 
  • Meetings (5%);
  • Elections and voting (4.5%);
  • Intimidation, harassment or retaliation (4.5%);
  • Conflict of interest (4.3%); and
  • Excessive assessments, fees or fines (3.5%)

As predicted, as more people become aware of the HOA Information and Resource Center, contact with the Office would rise.  Last year the office fielded 4767 separate inquiries.  However of these inquiries, only 1,248 were complaints. So, while the number of contacts rose, what was unexpected to me was that the number of actual complainers did not substantially rise, only the amount of times they contacted the office.  What is clear is that of the 8857 associations registered with the Office, accounting for over 880,326 units, only 327 people issued complaints or roughly .00037% of the unit owners complain about their association.

David A. Firmin