Ham Radio Antennae—Do Associations Have to Allow Them?

Written by: on Tuesday, June, 14th, 2016

During the 2015-2016 federal legislative season, the Ham Radio lobby introduced H.R. 1301, a bill that seeks to prohibit associations from banning Ham Radio antennae in their communities.  This bill has been vehemently opposed by CAI for various reasons, and recently the parties reached a compromise with respect to the language contained in the bill. [Read More...]

FHA Certifications—Are Changes Afoot??

Written by: on Tuesday, May, 24th, 2016

By now, most people are aware of the condominium certification requirements imposed by the FHA.  In short, if a condominium community is not FHA certified, purchasers cannot utilize FHA financing to purchase a unit in such community.  What does that mean in reality?  It means many first-time home buyers are unable to purchase condominium units [Read More...]

Loura K. Sanchez Receives Outstanding Volunteer Service Award from CAI National

Written by: on Friday, May, 20th, 2016

Early this month, Loura was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Service Award for her work on the Community Next: 2020 and Beyond project.  This project explored the future of community associations and developed this report.  The report suggests ways that we can impact community associations of the future through things we do today.  Congratulations to Loura [Read More...]

Social Engineering Coverage—Nothing to Do with Stem Cell Research

Written by: on Tuesday, May, 17th, 2016

When I see the words “social” and “engineering” in one sentence, my brain immediately goes to the scientific and medical side.  But in this case, we’re talking about something completely different.  The term, in this case, refers to the Social Engineering Fraud Endorsement that may be added to a fidelity/crime policy held by an association [Read More...]

Options For the Abandoned Property That Bank Will Not Maintain

Written by: on Friday, May, 6th, 2016

Almost every Association has the one property that the owners have abandoned and that the bank is dragging its feet on to foreclose. What can an association do to try and get the bank to move along the foreclosure process? One solution may be to file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”). [Read More...]