Managers Can Expect Even More Regulation Under HB16-1133

Written by: on Thursday, January, 28th, 2016

HB16-1133 was introduced into the House today by Representative Windholz. The Bill is geared at even more regulation of Community Association Managers. New Detailed Receipt Requirements In addition to requiring managers to annually disclose a certified copy of their license, regardless of whether it is required to be renewed, to the HOAs they represent, HB16-1133 [Read More...]

New Bill Requires Pre-CCIOA Associations to Follow Budget Veto Process

Written by: on Thursday, January, 28th, 2016

Last week Representative Melton introduced the second of three bills that failed to get traction last year but were prime for reintroduction this year.  HB 16-1149, if adopted, would require all associations to comply with the budget veto process contained in the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”). 

HOA Whistle Blower Protection Legislation Introduced

Written by: on Wednesday, January, 20th, 2016

On January 19, 2016, Senator Carroll and Representative Ryden introduced SB 16-082, a bill that protects homeowners from retaliation or discrimination due to the homeowner filing a complaint or otherwise seeking to enforce the governing documents or the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”).

City of Longmont Holds off on Construction Defect Reform…For Now

Written by: on Tuesday, January, 19th, 2016

The Longmont City Council debate on whether to adopt builder friendly construction defect ordinances took center stage last week. Representatives of both the housing industry, which blames the lack of “affordable” housing construction on costs associated with construction defect lawsuits, and community associations, which claim that this effort is nothing but pressure put on city [Read More...]

Director of Division of Real Estate Clarifies CAM Record-Retention Requirements and Reciprocity

Written by: on Thursday, January, 14th, 2016

As we all know, the new manager licensing regulations impose a number of requirements on community association managers (“CAM”) and CAM companies. One such regulation, Rule F-1(2), requires the CAM or CAM company to keep and retain a copy of the “documents and association records maintained and produced during the management of the common interest [Read More...]