HindmanSanchez Welcomes New Partner!

Written by: on Friday, January, 27th, 2017

It is our great privilege, and we are so pleased to announce, that Ashley M. Nichols has been promoted to partner at HindmanSanchez! Ashley joined the firm in 2007 and has committed herself to the practice of debt recovery.  Ashley thrives on partnering with clients and industry professionals to provide education and a different perspective [Read More...]

Could Your Personal Emails Be Exposed?

Written by: on Wednesday, January, 25th, 2017

Imagine the worst case scenario: you are on the board, the board is embroiled in litigation, and the opposing side wants to know what was said in an email. Suddenly you may find yourself facing the possibility of a third party rooting through your private email in search of information relative to the pending lawsuit. [Read More...]

Airbnb’s in Denver? Not So Fast!!!

Written by: on Wednesday, January, 18th, 2017

Airbnb’s continue to increase all over the country and, oftentimes, wreak havoc in community associations. Denver has a new ordinance 0262  that became effective December 31, 2016, throwing a slight monkey wrench into the process. Pursuant to the new ordinance, homeowners must now obtain a license from the Denver Excise and Licenses Department before they [Read More...]

So You’re on the Board…Now What?

Written by: on Monday, January, 16th, 2017

You took the plunge!  You volunteered, put your name on the ballot, and were elected. After the anticipation, the vote, and the satisfaction of being elected subside, you may realize that you are not exactly sure what to do as a board member. Outlined below are a few helpful hints and tips which will make [Read More...]

2017 Legislative Session is Underway

Written by: on Thursday, January, 12th, 2017

The Seventy-first General Assembly convened on January 11, 2017, and shortly thereafter the first bill relating to construction defects was introduced.  SB 17-045 was introduced by Senators Grantham and Williams and has bipartisan support in both the senate and house.  This bill requires a court, when hearing a construction defect case in which there is [Read More...]