Got Water Leaks?

Written by: on Thursday, July, 9th, 2015

If so, who pays for what? One of the most common requests for legal opinions we get is the question of who is responsible for damage caused by a water leak. Does the source of the leak matter?  Does insurance play into any of this?  What if someone was negligent?  Rarely is there a quick [Read More...]

Committee Dos and Don’ts

Written by: on Wednesday, July, 8th, 2015

Committees can be the lifeblood of an association. They can be the best thing since sliced cheese or your worst night mare. I was contemplating why some committees are a blessing while others are a curse and came to the decision it’s really all about the board that set up the committee.

Broken Trust

Written by: on Tuesday, July, 7th, 2015

What if your association has lost the trust of the owners?  Maybe it has happened because of bad press.  Maybe it has resulted from a bad lawsuit. Or, maybe it has happened because of strife on the board.  Regardless of why, it is possible to repair the trust with thoughtful, committed and consistent actions.  Generally, people [Read More...]

Protecting Your Association’s Reputation

Written by: on Monday, July, 6th, 2015

The protection and management of an association’s reputation isn’t something board members often consider.  But, it’s actually a valuable resource that should be preserved and enhanced. 

CAI releases 2014 Community Association Fact Book

Written by: on Saturday, July, 4th, 2015

CAI just released its updated Fact Book .  Here are some interesting facts that I think really tell a part of the story of community associations.