Potential Changes to Receivership Introduced with SB 181

Written by: on Thursday, February, 26th, 2015

Recently, SB181 was introduced in the Senate to provide some oversight for the receivership process in Colorado. Briefly, a receivership is the court ordered appointment of a rental manager for a property. The receiver (rental manager) is a disinterested person who manages the rental of the property, collects the rents and disburses the rents according to [Read More...]

Insurance Carrier Required to Replace Undamaged Siding to Provide Color Match

Written by: on Tuesday, February, 24th, 2015

Have you ever tried to get an insurance company to pay for siding replacement of hail-damaged siding?  Better yet, have you ever been “lucky” enough to try and convince an insurance carrier to pay for replacement of all siding on a building (even the siding not damaged by hail) so all the siding can match [Read More...]

New Home Buyers in Lone Tree – Beware

Written by: on Thursday, February, 19th, 2015

On February 17, 2015, the Lone Tree City Council passed by a unanimous vote, an ordinance aimed at encouraging construction of condominium housing within the city limits.  The ordinance essentially strips the ability of any association to seek redress from a building for defective construction, thus placing the burden on implementing repairs within a condominium [Read More...]

Do You Know How to Properly Report Claims to Insurers?

Written by: on Wednesday, February, 18th, 2015

When an association, director, management company or manager is sued, each named party has to make a decision (preferably in consultation with legal counsel) whether to report the claim to insurers for a possible paid defense.  In an effort to avoid negative claim history, and to decrease the chances for a premium increase, a defendant [Read More...]

Construction Defect Reform Bill Introduced

Written by: on Thursday, February, 12th, 2015

The long anticipated construction defect reform bill was introduced into the senate on February 10, 2015 as SB 15-177.  Sponsored by Senators Ulibarri and Scheffel in the Senate and co-sponsored by Representatives DelGrosso and Singer in the House of Representatives, the Bill has bi-partisan support. Similar to the bill introduced last year, SB 15-177 contains [Read More...]