CAI’s M100 Course Schedule

Written by: on Monday, November, 10th, 2014

Since many of our readers may be gearing up for manager licensing in 2015 by obtaining their CMCA designation through CAI, we thought you might want to know when CAI has M100 courses scheduled. The M100 course is a pre-requisite to taking the CMCA exam.  Currently, there are five M100 classes scheduled in Colorado for [Read More...]

Your Community Association’s Story

Written by: on Tuesday, November, 4th, 2014

It’s easy to be negative. It’s easy to focus on what is wrong or what needs improvement. But negativity doesn’t inspire. You need to tell a story. What is your association’s story? Tell the truth and listen to what people are really saying, you might be surprised. Loura K. Sanchez

Colorado Supreme Court Will Consider Community Association Case

Written by: on Thursday, October, 23rd, 2014

The Colorado Supreme Court has accepted certiorari in the case of Pulte Home Corporation v. Countryside Community Association.  Opening briefs as well as a motion to allow an amicus (friend of the court) brief by the Home Builders Association have already been filed. The main issue is what constitutes a proper annexation of property and [Read More...]

New Affirmation of Legal Work Status Form Required as of October 1st

Written by: on Tuesday, October, 14th, 2014

If you have hired a new employee this month or intend to do so make sure you complete the new “Affirmation of Legal Work Status” form within 20 calendar days of hire.  Colorado’s employment verification law has been in effect for over seven years and this new form is not significantly different from the prior [Read More...]

Lakewood City Council Approves Ordinance Related to Construction Defects

Written by: on Tuesday, October, 14th, 2014

In a 7 to 4 vote early this morning, the Lakewood City Council approved an ordinance that will severely restrict homeowner association rights to sue developers for shoddy work.  The first ordinance of its type in Colorado, it is likely to face quick legal challenge. The ordinance passed after several amendments were made. We will review [Read More...]