Written by: on Monday, January, 5th, 2015

It’s finally time to register for the HindmanSanchez Manager License Exam Prep Course!    Join Loura Sanchez and Elina Gilbert on January 23rd at 9:00 a.m. sharp to prepare for the Manager License Exam and learn testing techniques that will help you:  1) feel more confident, 2) improve your score, and 3) lower your stress levels.  [Read More...]

Top 10 HindmanSanchez Articles and Blogs for 2014

Written by: on Wednesday, December, 31st, 2014

The year is almost over.  Not only is it time to consider some resolutions for 2015, but it’s also time to reflect on 2014. What did you celebrate? What did you learn? Any disasters…and how did you handle them? Any progress on your goals? It’s great time to reflect with purpose, so you can prepare [Read More...]

FHFA Moves Threatens Community Associations

Written by: on Tuesday, December, 23rd, 2014

In a release earlier today CAI alerted our industry to the Federal Housing Finance Authority’s position expressing concern about state statutes, such as our super lien statute, that allow community associations to obtain lien priority over first mortgages for unpaid association assessments. FHFA has asked a federal court to intervene to help mortgage companies at [Read More...]

Proposed Legislation Requires Mandatory Service on the Board

Written by: on Thursday, December, 18th, 2014

Just kidding.  Playing through the scenario, though, what if being “elected” to the board was like being called for jury duty?  Homeowners’ names are fed into a machine.  Then every couple of years, a button gets pushed, a ticket pops out, and bam: YOUR name is on it.  Time to serve.  (Unless you’re disqualified…or an [Read More...]

Cold Weather Brings Cold Reality for Condos

Written by: on Tuesday, December, 9th, 2014

All I’ve heard about this winter is Frozen. No, not the movie, but the pipes.  For condos (and to some extent townhomes), cold weather brings the cold reality of one familiar theme … frozen pipes, leading to water leaks, resulting in damage.  And, one of the most common disputes in a community association is the [Read More...]