Risk Management Strategies for Business Owners

Written by: on Thursday, June, 5th, 2014

Savvy business owners constantly identify, assess and manage risk. Almost every decision, such as whether to sign a contract, how much to charge, who to hire and how to manage a project, are risk management strategies. But business owners often don’t comprehensively plan to manage risk. Businesses may simply rely upon insurance as their risk [Read More...]


Written by: on Monday, June, 2nd, 2014

FHA certification and leasing has long been a thorn in condominium communities’ sides.  Therefore, it’s important to remember what types of leasing restrictions are acceptable for purposes of FHA certification and what types of restrictions are not acceptable. To summarize, condominium declarations and rules may: Require owners to have written leases and supply the association [Read More...]

Colorado Supreme Court Discusses Independent Contractor vs Employee

Written by: on Wednesday, May, 28th, 2014

Business owners often attempt to categorize workers as independent contractors rather than employees. Many employers improperly assume that simply labeling a worker as an independent contractor will suffice. That is an extremely risky assumption. Incorrect designations can result in significant financial consequences to the employer. Administrative agencies and courts will look at the totality of [Read More...]

Realtors Push Condos for FHA Certification

Written by: on Wednesday, May, 28th, 2014

With the changes that occurred in seeking FHA certification several years ago, many condominium associations decided it was easier to stop seeking certification and let buyers find other types of mortgages to finance the purchase of units within the condominium community. Well, real estate professionals are pushing back. A recent Washington Post article, and several [Read More...]

So You Want To Be In Movies, Huh?

Written by: on Monday, May, 19th, 2014

With reality TV continuing to serve up “must-see” programs and cable networks expanding daily, many owners and associations may consider having filming in their community. If you do, a recent CAI article entitled “Lights. Camera. Action!” is a must read.  In this article, the author, Pamela Babcock reviews the agreements that are necessary to protect [Read More...]