First Volley in Legislation Regarding Construction Defects

Written by: on Thursday, January, 15th, 2015

In a year in which we were expecting the introduction of legislation geared at construction defects, the first volley in this battle seems to have been fired in the form of SB 15-091.  Introduced by Senator Ray Scott (R) Mesa, the bill attempts to revise the statute of limitations for bringing a construction defect action [Read More...]

Don’t Forget The Manager Disclosure Bill – As of January 1st It’s Law

Written by: on Tuesday, January, 13th, 2015

With all this talk about who needs to get licensed, what you need to do to get licensed, the deadline for getting licensed which, by the way, is July 1st, let’s not forget about the law that is already in place …HB14-1254, otherwise known as the Manager Disclosure Bill. The following sums up the disclosure [Read More...]

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act has Expired – Now what?

Written by: on Friday, January, 9th, 2015

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, (“Act”) which was enacted in 2009, provided protections to tenants in foreclosed properties.  The Act provided that the purchaser of a foreclosed property (many times, the bank) must provide all tenants with at least 90 days notice prior to eviction.  It also provided that tenants must be permitted to [Read More...]

First Bill Introduced Regarding Managers

Written by: on Thursday, January, 8th, 2015

As we anticipated a bill attempting to clean up manager licensing was introduced into the House.  HB 15-1040 was introduced by Representative Dan Thurlow (R-Grand Junction) to narrow the number of individuals that are required to be licensed as community association managers.  As initially introduced, the bill limits the types of communities that a manager [Read More...]

Foundation Problems – Not In Your House But In Your Community

Written by: on Thursday, January, 8th, 2015

Your community is like your house. If you lose a homeowner’s trust or belief in your community’s leadership it’s like a small crack in the foundation of your house.  And, if you continue to lose trust, sooner or later floors will start to sink, cracks will appear in the walls, and before you know it [Read More...]