Written by: on Tuesday, March, 10th, 2015

As manager licensing and the manager license exam become more and more real to the industry, many are still struggling with understanding the licensing requirements and rules.  But on March 9, 2015, the Director of DORA has finally adopted the official Manager Rules.  The final Manager Rules will become effective on May 6, 2015. Although [Read More...]

Equal Protection Under SB 15-177

Written by: on Friday, March, 6th, 2015

Equal. Protection. Read again: Equal. Protection.  Those are important words in America.  Those two words succinctly state the core purposes of a democratic government.  Each citizen should stand on an equal footing with all other citizens.  The basic function of government is to ensure equality under the law. Government must protect a citizen’s rights in [Read More...]

DORA Hearing Today

Written by: on Wednesday, March, 4th, 2015

Today, DORA held a hearing on the proposed permanent rules for manager licensing. Testimony was given by over a dozen individuals. We should receive final rules within the next week. As always, we will keep you informed when they are released. During the hearing it was announced that the annual license fee for individual managers [Read More...]

Potential Changes to Receivership Introduced with SB 181

Written by: on Thursday, February, 26th, 2015

Recently, SB181was introduced in the Senate to provide some oversight for the receivership process in Colorado. Briefly, a receivership is the court ordered appointment of a rental manager for a property. The receiver (rental manager) is a disinterested person who manages the rental of the property, collects the rents and disburses the rents according to [Read More...]

Insurance Carrier Required to Replace Undamaged Siding to Provide Color Match

Written by: on Tuesday, February, 24th, 2015

Have you ever tried to get an insurance company to pay for siding replacement of hail-damaged siding?  Better yet, have you ever been “lucky” enough to try and convince an insurance carrier to pay for replacement of all siding on a building (even the siding not damaged by hail) so all the siding can match [Read More...]