Temporary FHA Guidelines About to Expire

Written by: on Wednesday, August, 13th, 2014

For any condominium community that needs to become FHA certified or recertified, FHA requirements are about to become more difficult again.  As of September 1, 2014, the temporary FHA condominium approval guidelines are no more unless extended by the FHA.  Pursuant to the current temporary guidelines, condominium projects applying for certification or recertification must show that [Read More...]


Written by: on Friday, August, 8th, 2014

With manager licensing requirements looming in the not too distant future, many managers and board members are on edge looking for answers to their many questions about the process, timelines, and requirements.  For those individuals, DORA has published FAQ’s to ease people’s stress levels. The FAQ’s answer questions such as: • Who is required to be licensed [Read More...]

Thinking about 501(c) status for your association?

Written by: on Wednesday, August, 6th, 2014

Occasionally associations consider seeking 501(c) status from the Internal Revenue Service. There are many reasons to do so depending on the objectives of the associations. However, in this interesting article published by Forbes you can see why the decision should be made carefully and with the guidance of professionals. Loura K. Sanchez

CAI National Call to Action

Written by: on Friday, July, 25th, 2014

Early yesterday CAI National issues a call to action regarding H.R. 4969, a bill that if passed could invalidate community association rules and architectural standards that govern the installation and use of amateur radio towers and antennas.  The bill as written would allow homeowners who want to install a radio tower or antenna for amateur radio [Read More...]

Don’t Be Caught By This Scam

Written by: on Monday, July, 21st, 2014

We have learned that there is a scam being perpetuated on owners in community associations.  Owners are receiving a mailing which indicates that if they are paying HOA fees through a bill-pay service they should “pay particular attention to the remittance instructions.  Our remittance address for payments has changed and it is imperative that you [Read More...]