Manager Licensing Tidbit #2

Written by: on Monday, May, 25th, 2015

Before an individual working for a management company can be licensed the management company must be licensed. The application for management companies is fairly short. However you should be prepared to show valid proof of your error & omissions insurance as well as fidelity coverage. The declaration page of your E&O policy should be sufficient. [Read More...]

Are Your Governing Documents Working For You?

Written by: on Friday, May, 22nd, 2015

Or against you?  If your community association’s documents are several years old, it might be time to re-examine them and determine if they’re more harm than good.  In this video, you can watch Trish Harris describe her Top 5 List of reasons why associations ask us to amend their governing documents.  Do you relate? In [Read More...]

HB 15-1343 (a/k/a The Manager License Clean-Up Bill) is Now the Law!

Written by: on Thursday, May, 21st, 2015

House Bill 15-1343 which was introduced to clean up and clarify certain provisions of the manager license requirements, was signed by Governor Hickenlooper making the Bill an official law!  As a quick recap, the Bill made the following changes to the original laws: CEO’s of management companies who do not manage communities are NOT required [Read More...]

DORA Adopts Emergency Rules Related to Community Association Manager Licensing

Written by: on Thursday, May, 21st, 2015

As a result of HB 15-1343, DORA has published emergency rules effective today.  These rules modify the prior rules to deal with the details of HB15-1343.  Specifically, they set the process to obtain an apprentice license or a provisional license. To obtain an apprentice license you will need to submit fingerprints for purposes of a [Read More...]

Colorado Ranks 11th in Community Associations

Written by: on Tuesday, May, 19th, 2015

CAI National recently released some interesting statistics related to community associations.  In 2014, it was estimated that there are 9,100 community associations in Colorado, resulting in an 11th place ranking.  Florida and California took 1st and 2nd positions with 47,100 and 43,300 community associations respectively. Why does this matter to you?  I think it matters [Read More...]