More Short Term Rental Ordinances Brewing

Written by: on Wednesday, June, 24th, 2015

Denver City Council has established a Sharing Economy Task Force to study the issue of regulation of short term rental of homes. In Denver, it is illegal to rent a residence for less than 30 days.

CAM Licenses are Going Electronic!

Written by: on Monday, June, 15th, 2015

Starting June 29, 2015, DORA is introducing the new eLicense online service. According to DORA, licensed CAMs will be required to set up user names and passwords to create their accounts and once created, CAMs will be able to login and check license updates, add or change licensee information, and print copies of their licenses. [Read More...]

Boulder City Council Considers Airbnb Restrictions

Written by: on Thursday, June, 11th, 2015

With the gaining popularity of sites like Airbnb and VRBO, municipalities nationwide are beginning to look more closely at how to regulate the short term rental of rooms or entire homes by individuals. After a lengthy public hearing, the Boulder City Council recently voted 7-1 to move on a proposal that restricts short-term rentals to [Read More...]

Final CAM License Application

Written by: on Wednesday, June, 3rd, 2015

DORA has updated the CAM License Application to address its recent decision to NOT require CAM licenses for associations that directly employ managers. As you may recall, there was concern in the industry as to whether associations that employed managers, as opposed to contracting with independent management companies, were required to obtain a CAM license, [Read More...]

Manager Licensing Tidbit #3

Written by: on Wednesday, May, 27th, 2015

When applying for a management company license you are required to list a Designated Manager.  The application also asks for the Designated Manager’s license number which you will not have. Our suggestion is that you put “TBD” in the field and submit your Designated Manager’s individual license application simultaneously.