CAMs: No Continuing Education Credits Required Until July 2016

Written by: on Friday, November, 13th, 2015

Now that many managers have acquired the CAM license through DORA, they are getting ready to jump through their next hurdle: eight hours of continuing education before renewal of the CAM licenses in June 2016. But what many managers do not realize is they have already obtained their 8 hours of continuing education credits for [Read More...]

We are Proud to Announce!

Written by: on Thursday, October, 29th, 2015

William “Bill” H. Short has been practicing law in Wyoming since 2006 under special admission rules for various cases. We are expanding our focus to serve Wyoming clients. We are proud to announce that Bill Short has been admitted to practice law in Wyoming.  Bill Short will continue to practice here in Denver at our [Read More...]

The Can-Can May be CANceled, but our Commitment Remains Strong!

Written by: on Tuesday, September, 15th, 2015

Last Friday would have been the 6th Annual Community Can-Can.  Time flies quickly, but no matter how many years have gone by, HindmanSanchez remains committed in our support of the community, and to the Food Bank of the Rockies specifically. 

How to Build Community?

Written by: on Tuesday, September, 15th, 2015

Pamela Britton of River Valley Ranch Community spoke at the CAI Mountain Conference about creating community in associations. Her 3 broad recommendations are right on and work for any community no matter what size or location. Create a  Clear Vision. The board needs to know where the community is at currently, but also where it is [Read More...]

Stats from DORA

Written by: on Monday, September, 14th, 2015

Here are some interesting stats about the manager licensing program so far: Pass rate for test the is 75% generally and 85% for those individuals who hold some type of designation like a CMCA or PCAM; There are 322 licensed management companies and 37 pending licenses; DORA has issued licenses for 307 designated managers and [Read More...]