When drafting architectural guidelines, do you ensure all such guidelines comply, yet do not repeat, the provisions of the declaration?  Do your guidelines contain precise specifications for improvements, and clearly provide the criteria upon which the architectural committee will make its decisions?  Believe it or not, creation of solid architectural guidelines is an art of (more…)

To register for this class or check availability, please call 303-432-9999 or email education@hindmansanchez.com. No matter how much a board tries to obtain “voluntary compliance” with the association’s governing documents, there still seems to be at least one person in the crowd that refuses to comply.  For this reason, boards need to become familiar with (more…)

So what is an “assistance animal” and is it the same thing as an “emotional support” animal?  It seems attorneys are always talking about this, but the message is confusing.  If you’re one of the many individuals who is confused about assistance animals, what they truly are, and what associations can regulate, plan on participating (more…)

No matter how much we talk about it, inspection of documents legalities are still confusing and a source of stress for many.  This session will boil this concept down to its basics and provide you with some tools to assist your communities when they receive those wild, off the wall , document inspection requests.  In (more…)

To register for this class or check availability, please call 303-991-2088 or email education@hindmansanchez.com. No doubt our economy is improving and associations are starting to experience a smaller number of delinquencies.  Unfortunately, no matter how good the economy gets, delinquencies still exist and must be addressed by associations.  Therefore, it is imperative for boards to become (more…)