Category: Colorado Legislative Tracking Report

Third HOA Repeat Bill Introduced

Written by: on Wednesday, February, 10th, 2016

As we anticipated at the end of the 2015 legislative session, several bills were primed to be reintroduced this year relating to Homeowners Associations.  Last week, Representatives Ryden, Lontine, Pettersen, Primavera, and Williams introduced HB 16-1217 which is very similar to HB 15-1376, introduced last year.  HB 16-1217 requires the implementation of several recommendations contained [Read More...]

Attack of the Zombie Bills, or is there a glitch in the Matrix?

Written by: on Thursday, May, 14th, 2015

It all depends on your personal point of view. From an outsider’s point of view, it seems that the motto of many legislatures is that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As was detailed yesterday, of the 10 HOA bills introduced, only 30% passed.  As a result, many of these bills are [Read More...]

Many Bills Enter – Few Bills Pass

Written by: on Wednesday, May, 13th, 2015

In what promised to be a very busy legislative session aimed at addressing construction defects, amendments to CCIOA and manager clean up bills, of the ten bills introduced, only three made it out of the legislature and onto the governor for action.  Now that the dust has settled, we can explore what passed, along with [Read More...]

HB 15-1343 Manager License Clean Up Bill Moves On

Written by: on Friday, May, 1st, 2015

As was hoped, HB 15-1343 seems to be sailing through the legislative process with bipartisan support.  The manager streamline and simplification bill passed out of the Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee and was referred, in amended form, to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The amendment clarified that “Community Association Management” does not mean “the performance [Read More...]

SB 177: Construction Defect Reform Bill Takes a Hit

Written by: on Friday, April, 24th, 2015

The prospects for the passage of SB 15-177, the much debated Construction Defect Reform Bill, seem to have taken a hit this week when it was introduced into the House for consideration.  Unlike in the Senate where the bill was introduced into the Committee on Business Labor and Technology, upon introduction into the House, it [Read More...]